Here are a few frequently answered questions that can help you navigate the site.

Q.What types of digital media or pdf files are for sale at

A. E books, content for blogs, podcasts, pictures, and photographs

Q. How are returns handled from products?

A. All sales are final

Q. Are products secured?

A. Yes, they are sold on a 3rd party platform that is PCI compliant and through PayPal which is secured as well.

Q. How can I contact ThomasAPublishing?

A. You can contact at

Q. How is customer service handled with 3rd party advertisers, products, and services?

A. Products other than products from, Annette Thomas 

are handled with 3rd party customer service.

Q. Online training?

A. Online training is handled through Coggno, a partner with All customer service issues are handled through them.